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PYP attorney resources have more than 20 years experience focusing on estate planning strategies, from the simple to the more complex, that help families meet long-term planning goals at every life stage.

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Wills and Trusts are legal documents, so it is recommended that you hire legal counsel to guide you through  the process and help you make the right decisions. Estate-planning errors can cause unexpected expense and heartache. Your estate could be tied up in probate for many years, or worse, mistakes could cause family stress and discord. Call PYP today to discuss your estate planning needs with our attorney resources.

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A well-written estate plan should be personalized to your family’s specific needs and created with the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney. Some key elements that are included:

1.Living Trust–  Holds your assets for the benefit of one or more people (you, your spouse, your children). Our estate planning experts will help you create a trust to meet all your planning goals.
2. Will –  Lets you specify your wishes, including how you want your property distributed, who will administer your estate and who will care for your minor children.
3. Powers of Attorney– These documents allow your chosen people to make healthcare-related and financial decisions on your behalf when you can not due to incapacity.
4. Healthcare Directive – Instructions for life-prolonging care when you’re unable to make those decisions for yourself.
5.Protection of Loved Ones – Protect resources for minor children or special needs dependents.

The experts at Protect Your Patrimony (PYP) Company can help you preserve your assets and protect your family in case of incapacity or death.  Our top-rated, experienced attorney resources provide quality of estate planning expertise to clients of many income levels and estate complexities.

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Estate Planning Elements 

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Estate Planning Need

If you own a home, have substantial assets or have dependent children, then you need an estate plan. Without one, your family could lose thousands of dollars to the stress and high cost of probate court.  The emotional toll that this legal process takes on family members during an already difficult time is substantial.  Our experts can help with the steps necessary in completing an estate plan that meets your family’s needs.

1. Succession Planning - Identify people and their alternates, who you feel are responsible enough to manage your healthcare and resources in case of incapacity or death.
2. Inheritance Planning- Identify your heirs and the percentage as well as timing of their inheritance.
3. Charitable Giving– Identify charities and other beneficiaries.
4. Guardian Protection– Identify caregivers for minor children and special-needs dependents.